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    We partner with a select group of wine, spirits and beer producers from around the world to provide Canadians with a variety of 'best in category' products, including over 30 brands of wine.

    Our Wine Portfolio

Spirits & Beers | Trajectory Beverage Partners

Spirits & Beer

Our partners also produce some of the most popular and unique spirit and beer brands in the world.

Our Spirits & Beer Portfolio

Across Canada | Trajectory Beverage Partners

Across Canada

Operating coast to coast and team members in every major Canadian city, we ensure market coverage and availability for our partners’ brands.

Brands By Province

Focused Brand Building

We are a proud, 100% Canadian sales and marketing company that is dedicated to providing Canadians with a selection of some of the best wine, beer and spirits products and experiences the world has to offer.

Our success comes from working with a limited number of partners that produce a variety of popular brands & products rather than as many suppliers as possible. We do not believe in trying to be “all things to everyone” but being valued and valuable to a select group of deep and focused partnerships.  

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Customer Satisfaction | Trajectory Beverage Partners

Driving Customer Satisfaction & Profit

With so many products for customers to choose from, standing out on a shelf, in a bar or on a menu is a constant challenge.

We approach every opportunity to sell and promote our partners brands with creative energy and a focus on creating lasting impressions and connections between the customer and our partner brands.

This means taking time to understand where and how we can add financial benefit and experiential value to every venue where our partners’ products are sold.

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Partner Satisfaction | Trajectory Beverage Partners

One Partner At A Time

Our formula is pretty straightforward: fewer partners + fewer conflicts + undivided attention = mutual success.

Nobody wants to be the fifth or sixth product of the same kind in an agency’s catalogue. Our core values ensure we invest the time, energy and resources to partners that have great products worthy of full-time focus.

We are not shy to admit it – we believe in doing more for fewer partners than less for a lot of partners.

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Stories From The Industry

Scottish and Proud – Our Winners of the 2018 International Spirits Challenge

Scottish and Proud – Our Winners of the 2018 International Spirits Challenge

This year it was our partners’ Scotch brands that led the charge of over 350 Scotch whiskies at the 2018 International Spirits Challenge (ISC).

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REPRESENTING YOU CANADA-WIDE | Trajectory Beverage Partners

Representing You Canada-Wide

As a producer, we know it's important for your brands to get as much exposure as possible. That's why our 100% Canadian network helps to see that your brand gets noticed by the people that matter most to you.

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